Sunday, November 27, 2005

Steve Salerno and Mr. "Chicken Soup" Hansen

Check out Steve Salerno's blog for the back story on how he wound up talking with Mr. "Chicken Soup" Hansen instead of that giant of the self-help industry, Tony Robbins.


Anonymous Luther "Luke" Setzer said...

After watching this exchange on CNN, along with experiencing some exasperating exchanges via e-mail with Salerno, I can see why people would buy Hansen and not Salerno.

Both you and he suffer from some severe philosophical shortcomings too numerous to list here. Read about my philosophy on my Web site and learn to lead a happier life.

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Thom Rutledge said...

Consider a self-help perspective that is based in personal responsibility --- that values the power of positive thinking, without taking it to the ridiculous extreme of magical thinking:

12:45 PM  
Anonymous self-esteemwizard said...

I agree with Thom that don't take anything to the extreme. If you like certain tips or techniques described in any self-help books take the advice and do it. Action creates solution. If it works stick to it, if it doesn't look for alternatives. But, do not try to read every self development books or cds or attend every possible classes in your neighborhood. Do what makes sense.
Building self-esteem and confidence supposed to be fun.
You have to act and start doing something to create a better, more prosperous life to yourself and to your family.

11:53 PM  

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