Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day 2008: Is Red the New Black?

In honor of May Day 2008, I must ask, is red the new black?

Red took a beating for roughly fifty years. From 1945 until just recently the color was viciously maligned, with children told that they were better dead than, well, you know, red.

But recently red has emerged as the color of choice for charities and corporate marketers alike.

If you have great images of red in marketing campaigns, and want to include them in our gallery of red, kindly send them to micki at selfhelpinc dot com.


Anonymous Livia Tenzer said...

What about the states that vote Republican being called RED? This is surely a sign that the connection of red to Communism is ancient history. Beyond that, I've always thought it reveals the right-leaning bias in today's media, since red is vibrant and hot while blue is comparatively boring and cold. The Democratic party should reject its identification with blue and insist on a sunny yellow or resilient green. Though then Barack Obama would no longer be able to talk about reality being purple . . .

Meanwhile, thanks for tracking the new uses of red. Great May Day post!

1:34 PM  

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